Adventure awaits!

A Roguelike Expedition-Sim set in the 19th century

"a love letter to exploring"

Leigh Alexander, Gamasutra

"... might be able to plant a stake in a crowded genre in the tradition of FTL."

Ian Birnbaum, PC Gamer

"... has all the marks of a particularly fine undertaking."

Adam Smith, Rock Paper Shotgun

"Okay, I would play the crap out of this game."

Matt Lemmons, Indiestatik

"... slow-burn charms certainly have us intrigued."

Jon Mundy, PocketGamer

"I'll be eagerly awaiting this game because it seems fun, but also a little bit more thoughtful."

Matt Lemmons, Indiestatik

"Also, I just feel compelled to point out here that one of the planned character classes is ' Rabbi '."

Craig Stern, IndieRPGs

"A strategy roguelike inspired by Jules Verne stories and the tales of real-world 19th century explorers."

Craig Stern, IndieRPGs

"19th century-expedition roguelike looks great"


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procedurally generated worlds with diverse landscapes and precarious challenges for the ambitious explorer.



your trek and keep everyone alive. Balance the needed supplies with the desire to carry that precious treasure.



and defend your trek against wild animals, grotesque creatures, giant crabs and even dinosaurs.

Choose your explorers from the most famous persons of the 19th century

Coming for PC 2014

Imprint: Maschinen-Mensch UG (haftungsbeschränkt), Gubener Strasse 51, 10243 Berlin,